These resources and links include up to date advice, tools and research on child and adolescent obesity prevention and treatment. There are also links to a number of professional bodies and further sources of information and support for healthcare professionals, children and young people and parents affected by obesity. If there is something missing that you think should be included, please let us know by email at:

Resources for Health Professional Practice

  1. Communication

  2. Clinical Guidelines

  3. Growth Monitoring

  4. Intervention/Treatment

  5. Nutrition

  6. Physical Activity and Fitness

  7. Policy Related

  8. Support Services

  9. Additional Links

Resources for Parents

  1. Communication

  2. Growth Monitoring

  3. Intervention/Treatment

  4. Nutrition

  5. Mental Health

  6. Physical Activity and Fitness

  7. Sedentary Time

  8. Sleep

  9. Support Services

  10. Additional Links