The Second Annual Obesity Summer School 2020

The HSE Obesity Management Clinical Programme with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland successfully hosted the second Obesity Summer School which took place as an online event on the 27th of August 2020. This event presented a valuable opportunity for healthcare professionals and the public to gain further understanding and knowledge of obesity and enhance their clinical practice and interactions with those living or affected by obesity.

Dr Grace O’Malley (Obesity Research and Care Group at RCSI and MDT Clinical Lead for the W82GO Child and Adolescent Weight Management Service at Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street), provided really practical tips for healthcare professionals when communicating with children and their parents/guardians about growth, weight and obesity. Dr O’Malley emphasised trust and empathy as fundamental underpinnings in therapeutic relationships and the importance of discussing growth using appropriate and non-stigmatising language. Communication approaches for example case scenarios were also described and useful resources highlighted. Dr O’Malley encouraged healthcare professionals attending the event to complete our online training needs survey at and promoted its significance in order to enable this Sláintecare integration fund project with RCSI to build and improve access to training and education in the area of childhood obesity for healthcare professionals in Ireland.